Witch’s First Aid Kit For Emergency Magick

Do You Need a Witch’s First Aid Kit?

For life’s little magickal emergencies every witch should have a witch’s first aid kit. Since our mundane lives do not adhere to a specific set of rules then we can’t expect our magical lives to either. Emergent situations will arise.  For this reason I like to keep on hand certain items that I can easily store away and quickly get to. This kit should contain all the herbs, oils, curios and tools needed to cover nature’s little contingencies.  Emergency hexing?  Quick protection?  Urgent healing?  Whatever the case, let’s get ready for it. 

Witch's first aid kit

Your Witch’s First aid kit should first and foremost be light and portable.  We need to be able to take this kit and go on short notice.  While it may seem like a good idea to pack in several items for various problems that may arise, it is not necessary.  Many herbs and curios serve multiple purposes and can be used in various situations.  

Next, we want our kit to be organized. Everything should have its place.  You don’t want to be fumbling around and frantically searching for the perfect root when time is of the essence.  

Lastly, keep it simple.  In an emergency, there is no need for elaborate spell work or complicated rituals.  Stick to the basics.

Here are some of what you will find in my witch’s first aid kit.

Crystals.  While we can’t include all the crystals in our collection we can have the two most versatile.  Clear quartz can substitute for almost any crystal or gem and is a must have.  The other stone would be a grounding stone.  Whether it be hematite, smoky quartz, obsidian, carnelian, etc we need a stone to ground out the various energies and help us stay focused.

Candles.  A black candle and a white candle.  No need for all the various colors in between.  The darker the spell or ritual, use the black candle.  The lighter the spell or ritual, use the white candle.  Additionally by having a black and a white candle these can double as your god and goddess candles representing the polar sides of nature itself.  

Matches or Lighter.  Self explanatory. 

Herbs. Sage. It clears the energy of a space.  Rosemary.  Rosemary can be used for many purposes like protection, love, and healing.  Because of the sturdy nature of the sprig, rosemary can also be used as a wand to direct energy in spells and rituals.  Five Finger Grass (cinquefoil).  This is an all purpose herb.  It basically helps you attract anything the five fingers can hold.  Excellent for love, luck, money, power and wisdom.  Hyssop.  Good for purification and exorcisms.   Graveyard dirt.  This powerful curio will add power to your workings and give the support of the ancestors.  Goofer Dust.  This powder is used to curse, harm and hex.  While you may not use it often it is a good resource to have just in case.  Cinnamon. This spicy herb will speed up a spell working.,  Honey. This will sweeten any spell.   

Charcoal. A small charcoal disk can be broken and used to keep herbs and resins burning without the need to keep reignighting.  

Pendulum.  Great for dowsing and receiving answers from your higher self or ancestors.

Knife.  Great for cutting herbs and inscribing candles.

Cauldron.  Use this to burn and mix your herbs.

Cloth.  An altar cloth can be used to create sacred space and as a palace to set up your magickal working.

String.  String or ribbon can come in useful for tying together herbs or binding an object.  

Salt.  Although it can serve many purposes, salt serves as a purifier and also as a boundary marker to separate the sacred from the profane as in creating a circle of protection around yourself or an object.

Olive Oil.  This is an all purpose anointing oil. 

Tarot or Runes.  A small tarot deck or rune set to help discern a situation is invaluable.  

Box or case.  A container to hold all of your objects.  This can be a shoe box, small chest, old purse, backpack, etc.

The list for this witch’s first aid kit could go on and on but this is a good start.  As you develop your practice you will no doubt want to add to this list or even subtract.  That’s the beauty of the Craft.  It’s yours.  Make it unique.