10 Common Misconceptions About Hoodoo


  1. Hoodoo and Voodoo are the same thing. No, hoodoo and Voodoo are quite different.  Voodoo is a religion that is practiced by millions of people.  It has its origins in west and central Africa. It followed the route of African slaves west to the Caribbean mainly to Haiti.  Hoodoo on the other hand is a type of folk Magick that is practiced by people of many different religions.  Hoodoo is a unique blend of Voodoo, Santeria, Catholicism and Native American Shamanism that is commonly practiced in the southern United States by primarily the descendants of African slaves, but it is quickly spreading to other cultures.
  2. Hoodoo is Satanic.  Hoodoo is not satanic.  People that practice Hoodoo come from many different backgrounds and religions and they bring to Hoodoo what they practice in their lives.
  3. Hoodoo is black magic. Hoodoo is not black magic or dark magic in any sense where black is supposed to mean bad and white magic is supposedly good. It’s just magic.  Your intent when performing Hoodoo is what makes it so-called good or so-called bad.
  4. Hoodoo is only practiced by Afro centric people. At one time this may have been true, but now Hoodoo has gained wide acceptance from people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.
  5. Hoodoo is only practiced by women. Hoodoo has always been practiced by both genders.  Rootworkers and two-headed doctors can be male or female
  6. Hoodoo is used only to do harm. Hoodoo can be used to curse or to bless, to draw or to repel.
  7. Hoodoo can cure all problems. No magickal system can promise that.  Hoodoo’s main areas are love, luck, money and protection
  8. Hoodoo is an archaic and dying practice. There has actually been a resurgence in Hoodoo practice.
  9. Hoodoo is not natural like Wicca. Hoodoo works with nature just like Wicca.
  10. Hoodoo is only practiced in the Southern United States. While this used to be a true statement, Hoodoo is now widely practiced all over the United States.