Resin Money Drawing Mojo Bag


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Unlike traditional mojo bags this money drawing mojo bag is one is made of epoxy resin. Resin which has become popular lately in the crafting of orgone pieces, is the medium here. Money drawing herbs and gems are embedded within this bag shaped resin piece. Resin as a choice of binder for these money drawing ingredients gives this mojo an extra powerful kick.

Unlike a cloth mojo bag, a solid resin mojo bag will aid in solidifying your money relationship and intent when possessing this bag.

This bag is a powerful talisman for drawing in money and making you a money magnet. Upon receiving this mojo, you need only hold it in your hands to feel its power. Whisper your intent to it and feel its energy shift to work towards your goal.

This beautiful piece is one of a kind and can be made to order. The pictures do not do this lovely resin mojo bag justice!