Railroad clip/ tie Magick Binding Hoodoo Conjure Spell


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Iron Railroad Clip for Railroad Magick
Hoodoo uses simple magick. One such magick is the utilization of train tracks. Railroad tracks litter the country carrying people and good back and forth. This movement creates energy. That energy can be manipulated for use in conjure magick.

To send someone away fast dispose of your spell items on the railroad track to expedite them from your life. The passing trains will carry their energy away. The very train track itself is useful. Iron spikes that secure the railroad down, when shaken loose over time can be employed in spellwork. These spikes because they are made of iron can be used for protection and “nailing down” your property. Iron clips along the track can be used in knot and binding magick . Dirt along the track can be gathered for conjure. The railroad ties can also be used for magickal purposes. Slivers of wood from the rail ties can be used in candle magick and mojo bags. The list is endless with railroad magick.

This iron clip is rusty and aged with patina and pitting. Rail clips are best used in Hoodoo Magick for binding magick. Can also be used to call upon the power of iron for use in spellwork or to call upon and evoke the power of Ogun.