Oya Orisha Conjure Candle


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Oya Orisha Conjure Candle

This beautiful candle is dedicated to the Orisha Oya

She is a west African Orisha and the Goddess of Storms. Oya is the Guardian of Cemeteries, and her counterpart is Chango. She is also one of the 7 African Powers, nut is oftentimes replaced by Orula. Invoke this Orisha when you burn this candle.

Each candle is embedded with his symbolism in the form of curios, herbs, oils and crystals.

2 ounce candle is charged and Loaded Candle dedicated to the Orisha Oya
Candle is 100% soy wax.
Embedded with herbs and stones sacred to Oya.

Oya Orisha Conjure Candle!