Ostara Sabbat Container Candle


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Celebrate Spring’s Renewal with the Ostara Candle
Welcome the Spring Equinox and embrace the season of growth and new beginnings with our enchanting Ostara candle.

Hand-poured with 4 ounces of natural soy wax, this beautiful candle features a soft, light pink hue housed in a sleek, rounded black matte metal container with a matching lid. But the magic goes beyond its elegant design.

Infused with real herbs and crystals, this candle is more than just a source of warm light. It’s a fragrant invitation to connect with the vibrant energy of Ostara. As the flame flickers, breathe in the refreshing scents and feel the invigorating spirit of spring awaken within you.

Perfect for your Ostara rituals or simply to add a touch of springtime magic to your home, this enchanting candle is a beautiful reminder of nature’s resilience and the promise of new life.

Light the Ostara candle and:

Celebrate the return of warmth and light
Honor the fertility of the earth
Manifest your dreams and intentions for the coming season