Oshun Orisha Oil Witchcraft Conjure Hoodoo


Introducing Oshun Orisha Hoodoo Oil, the powerful and authentic magickal oil for use in Hoodoo and other spiritual practices.

Made with the finest quality ingredients and infused with the energy of the goddess Oshun, this oil is perfect for those seeking to connect with the divine feminine energy, to enhance their intuition and psychic abilities, and to attract love, wealth, and prosperity into their lives.

Oshun Orisha Hoodoo Oil is handcrafted using traditional Hoodoo recipes and techniques, and is imbued with the powerful properties of herbs, roots, and essential oils known for their magickal and spiritual properties. It can be used for anointing candles, talismans, and other magickal tools, as well as for dressing mojo bags, performing rituals, and creating powerful spells.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of magick and Hoodoo, Oshun Orisha Hoodoo Oil is a must-have addition to your spiritual toolkit.

Not for internal use.

All of Terra’s Hoodoo Witchcraft recipes are handed down through generational inheritance.

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Oshun Orisha Oil

Oshun Orisha Oil is a condition oil used to invoke the qualities of the West African goddess Oshun

1/2 bottle of Oshun Orisha Oil

Formulated using the herbs and oils sacred to Oshun.