Love Drawing Mojo Bag


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Love Drawing Mojo Bag

💖✨ Unlock the Power of Love with Our Enchanting Love Drawing Mojo Bag! ✨💖

Are you ready to invite love and romance into your life? Look no further! Our Love Drawing Mojo is handcrafted with care and infused with powerful energies to attract love, passion, and positive connections into your life.

🌹 Infused with love-drawing herbs and crystals to enhance your aura and radiate irresistible charm.
🔮 Designed to bring forth new romantic opportunities and strengthen existing relationships.
💫 Empower your intentions and manifest your deepest desires with this magical tool.
💕 Perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one seeking to enhance their love life.

Embrace the magic of love and let your heart shine bright with our Love Drawing Mojo Bag! Order yours today and let the enchantment begin. 💝✨ #LoveDrawing #MojoBag #ManifestLove

How To Use Our Love Drawing Mojo Bag

This magickal bag can be worn on your person, carried in a purse, pocket or placed under a mattress. It’s like a spell in a bag. The possibilities are endless for these little magickal wonders. These mojo bags contain symbolic ingredients inside a red drawstring bag. Traditionally mojos contain sticks, stones, roots and bones. Our bags contain a special combination of herbs, stones, roots and other natural ingredients. Each bag comes with a 1.5 milliliter tube of anointing oil to feed or empower your mojo and instructions for its use.

The word “mojo” is in reference to the power or “spirit” currently residing inside and emanating from the ingredients inside. This “spirit” is alive and needs to be periodically fed or dressed to keep the mojo fresh.

This special blend is used for matters of the heart. Lost love, unrequited love, new love, etc.

Each bag comes with a magickal combo of natural items inside a zip bag, a vial of dressing oil and instructions for assembling your mojo bags.