Indigo Water All-Natural Handmade


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All-Natural Concentrated Handmade Indigo Water

Good things come in small packages!!!

Our all-natural handcrafted Indigo Water is concentrated to be strong and long lasting. Unlike regular Indigo Water, our recipe is potent so that only a small amount is needed to achieve the same results

We use an old traditional Hoodoo formula for making our Indigo Water. There are many uses for this special formula. It can be used for spiritual protection, ward off the evil eye, raise the vibration of an area, and cleanse the aura. This blend can also be used in a floor wash (remember, a little goes a long way with this formula).

  • 1.7- ounce bottle of All-Natural Handcrafted Concentrated Indigo Water
  • Used for protection, wardding off the evil eye, cleansing, and raising the vibration of negative spaces.
  • Concentrated formula! Only a small amount is needed per use.