Hoodoo Rootworkers Complete Conjure Kit with Ouija Wooden Chest


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Hoodoo Rootworkers Complete Conjure Kit with Ouija Wooden Chest.

This is the perfect kit for the aspiring or serious Rootworker looking to get startled in the art of Conjuration. The kit is chock-full with all of your spiritual, hoodoo needs.

The wooden chest doubles as a Ouija board complete with planchette.

In this kit you will receive all of this:

1 wooden chest with engraved Ouija board on the top. The chest measures 12″ x 8″ x 5″

7 glass corked bottles of Hoodoo Condition powders/herbs ( goofer dust, brick dust, sulfur, hot foot powder, black salt, graveyard dirt, mullein)

7 glass bottles of Hoodoo condition oils (van van oil, flying devil oil. money drawing oil, love me oil, uncrossing oil, high john oil, attraction oil)

4 Hoodoo Waters (war water, indigo water, moon water, Florida water)

2 Hoodoo Washes (Chinese floor wash, Holy Hyssop Wash)

1 Sage Smudge bundle

1 Palo santo stick

1 packet jezebel root

1 packet mojo wish beans

1 packet frankincense resin

1 packet myrrh resin

1 packet five finger grass

1 packet little john to chew

1 packet money drawing incense powder

4 coffin nails

2 charged chime candles

1 loaded and charged glass enclosed novena candle

1 black chicken foot

1 voodoo doll

1 high john the conqueror root

1 ankh key chain

1 planchette for Ouija board

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Weight7 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8 × 5 in