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Authentic Railroad Spikes Kit for Use in Hoodoo

This kit comes with everything you need to nail down and spiritually secure your property including authentic and aged carbon steel railroad spikes.  Each spike is approximately 6.5 inches long and weighs slightly over 1lb.  This listing includes a set of four(4) forged iron, used railroad spikes. Railroad spikes are common in African American conjure/Hoodoo.  These vintage spikes are rusty and weathered with patina and pitting.

A common use for railroad spikes in Hoodoo is the nailing down and securing of property.  A nail is hammered into the ground at each corner of the house/property and covered in graveyard dirt to ensure proper protection and to stop evictions and keep law enforcement away.  They can also be placed on your property to bring in the iron element of protection.  The black salt and brick dust also offer added protection.
This listing comes with
  •  4 railroad spikes for nailing down the four corners of your property.  More spikes may be needed if your property is irregular shaped
  •  2 packets graveyard dirt for placing on top of the spikes
  •  2 packets brick dust which is used as a scrub or wash for washing down the porch and steps for added spiritual protection 
  •  2 packets black which is helpful in keeping bad neighbors away 
  •  A  list of uses and spells for your kit.