Elegua Orisha Conjure Candle


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Elegua Orisha Conjure Candle

This beautiful candle is dedicated to the Orisha Elegua. He also goes by the names Elegba, Papa Legba, and Papa Labas.

He is a west African Orisha and the Messenger of the Orisha. He is the Holder of the Ashe. He is also the guardian of the crossroads. Elegua is also one of the 7 African Powers. Invoke this Orisha when you burn this candle.

Each candle is embedded with his symbolism in the form of curios, herbs, oils and crystals
2 oz Candle is 100% soy wax
Charged and Loaded Candle dedicated to the Orisha Elegua
Embedded with herbs and stones sacred to Elegua

Elegua Orisha Conjure Candle!