Complete Deluxe Wicca Kit with Wooden Chest


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Complete Deluxe Wicca Kit

This kit contains everything needed to begin your spiritual journey into the Craft. Whether you are a baby witch and new to witchcraft or you are a seasoned witch looking to replenish your magical cabinet, this kit has it all.

Included in this total kit are:

25 Herb/Curios (mugwort, lavender, chamomile, rose petals, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves, blessed thistle, hibiscus flowers, patchouli, white willow bark, calendula flowers, angelica root, hyssop, ginger, love rice, money rice, sage, yarrow, wormwood, catnip, peppermint, rosemary, celtic sea salt)

1 Wooden chest with pentacle design. Chest Measures 12″ x 8″ x 5″

4 Elemental Oils (Earth oil, Air Oil, Fire Oil, Water Oil)

3 Gemstone packets (obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst)

8 Chime candles (red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, black, white)

1 Altar tile (style may vary from picture)

1 Selenite wand

1 Sage bundle

1 Palo santo stick

1 pendulum (style and color may vary from picture)

1 Athame

1 Cauldron

1 Bell

1 Candle holder

5 frankincense and myrrh incense cones

1 charcoal disc

4 Book of Shadow pages

1 Velveteen bag

Every kit also comes with a free gift!

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