Black Magick Hoodoo Kit



Black Magick Hoodoo Kit

Want to practice black or baneful Magick? Give these handcrafted items a try

Black Magick in a tin! This Black magick charged spell candle is magickally charged with the most powerful herbs, stones, roots, and incantations.

Want to send dark magick to an enemy? Want to draw on dark forces for your spell work? Send a hex! Cast a jinx! This is the candle. This 4 oz soy wax candle is loaded with magickal goodies for all of your dark sorcery needs. Hold this candle in your hands to infuse it with your personal intent before lighting it.

Unlike a traditional mojo bag, a hex bag is used to bring about misfortune. Want to hex someone? Looking to cast a curse on an enemy? Looking for an entrance into baneful magick? Then this hex bag is perfect for such work.

Black Magick Shea Butter All-natural soap for use before dark spellwork.

Black Magick Hoodoo Kit