Honey Jar (Sweetening) Spell


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Hoodoo Conjure Honey Jar Spell

This is a very powerful “love” spell.

A honey jar spell is designed to “sweeten” a person’s affection or attitude toward you. This spell can be to sweeten your lover’s affection for you, to sweeten your boss’ or coworker’s attitude toward you, etc. There are several good uses for this spell. Just let me know your need and I will work the perfect honey jar spell for you. This is a 3 day spell and once it has been worked for you, you will receive your honey jar in the mail.

Include your details in the contact, include specifics.

Be as specific as possible so I can work the right spell for you. If you need to send me pictures or need to contact me please feel free to do so.

Please note, I will need time to work this spell. It will be worked within 3 days and your honey jar will be mailed to you after the three days so you can continue to work it as needed. You will receive instructions on doing so with your jar.

This Is Very Effective and Naturally Powerful Spell Energy

This will be performed by me.