Spell Work

Terra performs spell work at Terra Traders for clients.  Terra Traders is an eclectic esoteric shop.  The spell work performed here will draw from Hoodoo, Wicca, Witchcraft and Voodoo. The work is performed with the client’s preference and background in mind.  Our spells are done in conjunction with the lunar phases in order to draw on as much power as possible.  Candle magick is a big part of the spell work we do here.  Various rituals are performed to achieve the desired effect of your spell

Types of Spells

  • Love spells
  • Money spells
  • Protection spells
  • Honey jars
  • Sour jars
  • Luck spells
  • Fertility spells
  • Court case spells
  • Attraction spells
  • Banishing spells
  • Hex breaking
  • Cleansing spells
  • Unblocking spells
  • Success spells
  • Road opener

The list is basically endless when it comes to spell work.  If there is a specific work or ritual you want performed contact us and we will determine if that work is possible through us.

Hoodoo Spells

In Hoodoo, spells and rituals performed involve rootwork as well as candle magick.  Petitions to the saints as well as the orisha play an integral part in conjuring with Hoodoo.  Offering to the saints and orisha are included in this type of conjure.  This is done as a thank you for the help and as an acknowledgement of their power.  An offering shows you trust your spell work will be successful.

Wicca Spells

Wiccan spell work involves working with the God and Goddess in your casting.  There are several deities that we work with.  The main pantheon of gods and goddesses that we work with are Greek, Norse, Roman, Celtic and Egyptian.   On occasion we may choose to work outside of these pantheons if the work calls for it.  This is an eclectic type of Wicca that caters to the clients specific magickal needs.

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