Magickal Oils

Embark on a journey of scent and intention with our mesmerizing Magickal Oils! We offer a captivating selection to suit the practices of Wiccans, Hoodoo practitioners, and Chakra healers alike.

Wiccans will find a treasure trove of correspondences to enrich their rituals. Draw upon the moon’s magic with lunar-charged lavender oil, or tap into the earth’s energy with grounding sandalwood. Need to connect with a specific deity? Explore our selection of oils infused with herbs sacred to the goddess Diana or the sun god Apollo.

Hoodoo practitioners can discover a potent range of oils, each crafted with time-tested ingredients. Attract success and good fortune with a blend of bergamot and cinnamon. Aiming for love? Anoint yourself with rose and jasmine oil to draw in new love or reignite an existing flame. Banish negativity with protective oils featuring myrrh and frankincense.

Chakra healers will find a vibrant collection to balance their energy centers. Soothe a troubled root chakra with grounding vetiver oil, or stimulate a sluggish sacral chakra with the invigorating scent of orange. Open your heart chakra to love and compassion with rose oil, or awaken your third eye with the clarity-enhancing powers of clary sage.

All our Magickal Oils are ethically sourced and meticulously blended. We use only the finest carrier oils infused with potent herbs, resins, and essential oils. Each bottle is charged with intention to amplify your magical workings. Explore our ever-expanding collection and find the perfect oil to elevate your spells, rituals, and meditations.

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