Magick Formulary

Magick formulary for use in rootwork and ceremonial magick as well as in low everyday magick.

Begone Banishing Powder

Grind the following ingredients together:

  •  Black pepper
  •  Cayenne Pepper
  •  Cinnamon
  •  Sea Salt
  •  Sulfur

Sprinkle the banishing powder on clothes, especially belonging to anyone you

would like to see gone (without wishing harm to them)

This powder can also be used as an accompaniment for spells, particularly

around or over candles.

Brick Dust Protection spell

To keep those who wish you harm or those with negative intent away, sprinkle red brick dust around the perimeter of your property.  You can also sprinkle it across your doorways and windows as a barrier.  All the while you sprinkle think of keeping unwanted visitors away.  Repeat as often as needed.

Red Brick Dust Doorstep Spell

This will protect the home from malevolent magick as well as all kinds of evil.

Add some red brick dust to a bucket of floorwash along with a small amount of your own urine (a drop or two) and scrub the front steps and threshold of the area.  Sprinkle powdered brick dust over the threshold daily before sunrise.

Graveyard Dirt Protection Spell

Clearly and precisely write your desire or petition onto a piece of paper, then burn it, reserving the ashes.  Place those ashes in a conjure bag, together with asafetida, bones, nail pairings, and graveyard dirt.  Wear it around your neck to ward off illness, malevolent spirits and spells

Earth Protection Spell

Take graveyard dirt and sprinkle it with Holy water, Moon water or Marie Laveau water.  Allow it to dry, and then place it in a bag and hang it near the entrance to you home to protect the house from evil.

Sulfur Protection Spell

Add a pinch of some or ideally all of the following ingredients to a red mojo conjure bag and carry it with you for protection.

  • Sulfur
  • Kohl powder
  • Henna and/or iron oxide powder
  • Graveyard dirt
  • Tobacco

 Foot Track Spell

Spell is designed to rid you of someone.  They will bother you no more.

After this person leaves your house, watch where they step.  This footprint of foot track they leave behind is what you need.  Find a clear and distinct track they leave behind.  Sprinkle this track with the hot foot powder to keep them away from you and your home.  Next, as the spell begins to wane, just do the same thing once more. Eventually, they’ll get the point and stay away.

Goofer Dust Spell

Sprinkle goofer dust over your target’s front steps or across their path, where they are guaranteed to walk over it.   This will sicken the person.

You can also toss a handful of goofer dust behind someone’s back as they walk away from you to achieve the same effect.

Mojo Gris-Gris Bag Instructions

Congratulations on purchasing your mojo bag.  This is a spell in a bag.  This is very strong magick.  As-is this bag is plenty powerful. 

There are steps you need to take to make this mojo “yours”.

First, open the small ziplock bag(s) and add one or two drops of the accompanying oil to the bag(s).  Reseal and shake.  Let this mixture dry completely.  Once dried, empty contents into your red drawstring mojo bag and close it up.   

To further make it yours, follow these instructions. 

With your projective hand (the hand you write with) hold the bag in front of your face and keep it there for the count of three deep breaths.  As you exhale, gently release your breath into the bag.  You are done.  It is now your personal mojo. 

You may also add personal items (hair, nail clippings, etc) to the bag.  If you add other items to the bag do so before you anoint the contents with the blessing oil.  This mojo bag is perfect “as is” with an odd number of items contained within it, so if you choose to add personal items to it then add 2 items instead of one.

The word “mojo” is in reference to the power or “spirit” currently residing inside and emanating from the ingredients inside a mojo bag.  This “spirit” is alive and needs to be periodically fed or dressed to keep the mojo fresh.   To feed the spirit you need to add a drop or two of the blessing oil included with your kit to your mojo mixture whenever you feel its power waning. 

Take care of you mojo and it will take care of you.  Keep this bag on or near you at all times.  Fits nicely in a purse or pocket. 

Hex Mojo Gris-Gris Bag


Congratulations on purchasing your hex mojo bag.  This is a spell in a bag.  This is very strong magick.  As-is, this bag is plenty powerful. 

Our hex bag is crafted to inflict or cause harm on your intended target.

There are steps you need to take to complete this mojo.

First, open the small zip lock bag(s) and add one or two drops of the accompanying Black Arts Oil to the bag(s). 

Add personal items (hair, nail clippings, etc.) of the intended target to the bag along with their name on a small piece of paper.

Reseal and shake.  Let this mixture dry completely.  Once dried, empty the contents into your black drawstring mojo bag and close it up.  

Think of the results you would like to see from this bag.  Hold that thought as you hold the bag.

You can either keep this bag with you and feed it periodically with oil, incense, or liquor.

The word “mojo” is in reference to the power or “spirit” currently residing inside and emanating from the ingredients inside a mojo bag.  This “spirit” is alive and needs to be periodically fed or dressed to keep the mojo fresh.   To feed the spirit you need to add a drop or two of the blessing oil included with your kit to your mojo mixture whenever you feel its power waning.  You can also feed the bag with incense smoke, tobacco, or tiny drops of alcohol.

This mojo can also be hidden away near the place of your intended target to affect them at close range. 

Rail Road Spikes Kit

railroad spikes

Authentic aged rustic railroad spikes.  Spikes are approx. 6” in length and weathered with patina and pitting.

Hoodoo uses simple magick. One such magick is the utilization of train tracks. Railroad tracks litter the country carrying people and good back and forth. This movement creates energy. That energy can be manipulated for use in conjure magick.

To send someone away fast dispose of your spell items on the railroad track to expedite them from your life. The passing trains will carry their energy away. The very train track itself is useful. Iron spikes that secure the railroad down, when shaken loose over time can be employed in spellwork. These spikes because they are made of iron can be used for protection and “nailing down” your property. Iron clips along the track can be used in knot and binding magick. Dirt along the track can be gathered for conjure. The railroad ties can also be used for magickal purposes. Slivers of wood from the rail ties can be used in candle magick and mojo bags. The list is endless with railroad magick.

Keep Evil at Bay

Place an iron spike that has been dressed with olive oil under or near the front porch and on window sills.  Ghosts and spirits can not cross the iron contained in the spike.

Make War Water

War water is a very powerful spiritual cleanser.   Can be used to reverse a spell and return it to sender.  It can also be used to place a curse when engaged in witch wars.

To make war water, place one of the spikes in a jar or glass of river water.  Leave the spike for a couple of days or until some of the rust leaches into the water.  Remove and bottle up the water for future use.  The spike can be reused for any purpose.

 Draw Power

Use railroad spike as well as graveyard dirt in spells or rituals to invoke the power of Ogun.

To Nail Down Property:

Nailing down the property is an old type of magick that draws on the wisdom and iron contained in used rusty railroad spikes to secure the home.  This ensures protection from spiritual forces as well as law enforcement, evictions, burglary, etc.


In addition to the contents of the kit, you will need:  Florida Water, urine, 4 pennies, and a fire safe pan

Take the 4 spikes and place in a pan. 

Pour some Florida Water on them.

When that is done you are going to light the spikes on fire. Make sure you do it in a place where you can have a little fire.

While the spikes are lit and burning, you are going to begin your prayers and petitions over them. Two prayers you should pray three times over the spikes are the 91st Psalm and the prayer of Michael the Archangel.

Speak protection over your home.

Once the fire has gone out and the spikes have cooled you can go on to the next step.

Find the corners of your property line. 

At each corner, drive a spike into the ground.  Drive the head of the railroad spike a few inches below the ground.

Take a penny and place it on top of the head of the spike followed by a pinch of graveyard dirt and brick dust. 

Lastly, pour a small amount of your own urine (a few drops) in the hole and cover back over with dirt.

Do this at each corner of your property.

If you live in an apartment or condo this can be done inside the dwelling but in flower pots.  Just make sure the pots are deep enough to hide the spike.  Place the pots at the four corners of your apartment. 

Bone Throwing Instructions

Bone throwing, also known as bone divination, is a form of divination that has been used in many cultures throughout history, including in Hoodoo magick. While there are different ways to cast bones depending on the practitioner’s personal preferences and traditions, here are some general steps that can be followed:

  • Prepare the space: Before casting the bones, it’s important to create a sacred space for the divination session. This can be done by lighting candles, burning incense, or saying a prayer or invocation to invite spiritual guidance and protection.
  • Focus your intention: As you handle the bones, focus your intention on the question or issue you want to gain insight on. You may want to hold the bones in your hands and meditate for a few moments to clear your mind and align your energy with the spirits.
  • Cast the bones: When you’re ready to cast the bones, toss them onto a flat surface like a cloth or mat. You can either cast them all at once or throw them in groups, depending on your preference. As the bones land, take note of their positions and the patterns they form.
  • Interpret the results: Once the bones have been cast, you can begin to interpret their meanings. Some practitioners may use a guidebook or reference chart to help them interpret the bones, while others rely on their intuition and experience. The position of the bones, their proximity to each other, and their symbolic meanings can all be used to gain insight into the question or issue at hand.
  • Close the session: When you’re finished with the divination session, it’s important to thank the spirits for their guidance and protection. You can also take some time to reflect on the insights you gained and how you can use them to move forward in your life.

Do-it-Yourself Hoodoo Coffin Box Spell Kit

Want to get rid of an enemy? Do you want to deflect someone’s negative energy back to them? Then, this is the perfect spell kit for you.

Upon receiving your kit, you only need to do a few simple things.

First, decide on whom you’d like to put in this coffin box.  Take their photo and write their name and date of birth on the back.  If you have an item that they’ve touched, have that nearby as well.  The item can be a coin, tissue, hair, nail clippings or any such taglock you have of that person.

Next, begin to assemble your coffin.  The assembly is self-evident when you begin just pre fold all the edges first before pulling off the adhesive backing.  As you assemble the coffin, keep in mind your target and what you would like for this spell to accomplish.  Imagine the final result of your spell working as you fold and seal every seam of this coffin.  Take your time with this part.  The visualization aspect of the spell is important. This infuses your intent into the spell.

After the coffin is assembled, take the photo and place it in the coffin first.  Next take the tiny poppet and place your taglock (hair, nails, etc) or whatever you have and adhere it to the doll.  You can tie this item to the doll of just place it on top of the picture you already have in the coffin.

Place your doll on top of the picture. 

Now you want to add a drop of the banishing oil that comes with the kit to the poppet. 

Next, sprinkle the hot foot powder, goofer dust, and graveyard dirt over the poppet. You won’t need all of the powders.  A little goes a long way.

Anoint the black candle with the banishing oil by placing a few drops of the oil in your hands and rubbing the candle in between them.  As you do this focus on your target and what you’d like the end result to be.

Light the candle and allow a few drops of the wax to fall upon the poppet. 

Set the candle aside, but do not extinguish the flame.  Secure it in a candle holder.

Place the lid on the coffin. 

Let the coffin rest by the candle until it is completely burned out.

After the candle is burned out take any waxy residue that is left over and put it in the coffin. 

Wrap the coffin up with string to secure it.  You could also just tape it shut.

Immediately after you’ve done this, take the coffin and bury it in a wooded area.  Ideally this is taken to a grave yard and buried with 3 silver dimes, but If you can’t do that then get to a wooded area and bury it. 

If that is not possible then bury the coffin at the edge of your property where it will not be disturbed.  You can even bury it in a large potted plant.  As long as you get it into earth that will not be dug up anytime soon.

Go home, smudge the working area you used to craft the coffin with sage, rosemary, or palo santo.


Honey Jar Instructions

Now that you have received your honey jar in the mail there are a few things that you need to do.  This honey jar has been worked by me for the past few days.  During that time, I added certain ingredients to the jar in order to aid in this magickal working.  Those have included various roots, herbs, stones, and the photos you sent me.  I also have burned candles atop as you can notice.

Carefully open your jar.  This may be hard to do as the wax and honey will have made it stick shut.  Don’t worry about removing or disturbing the wax as you do this.  This is normal. Once you have the jar open place one of his/her personal concerns  (hair, nail clippings, corner piece of used tissue, etc) or picture in the container.  It can even be his/her signature or a coin he/she’s touched.  Replace the lid. Just push it down in with the other ingredients.  Shake the jar.

Candle burning is a major part of this spell work.  For a number of days straight I have burned candles atop this jar to increase its magical property.  Now that you have the jar in your possession, you must do the same. I would recommend that you continue to burn at least one candle a night for the next 7 nights atop the jar.   I prefer small chime candles or even birthday candles as they are small and burn rather quickly and because you should not leave this part of the work unattended.  Candle color should be red, pink, green, white or blue, but feel free to use any color you’d like.

Place the jar on a plate or other fireproof surface.  Next, take a birthday candle, taper or a chime candle (enclosed) and rub or anoint it with the oil (enclosed) and light it. 

Let the wax drip onto the jar lid for a sec or two in order to secure a spot on the jar in which to stick the candle.  If you are not comfortable with this then a small candle holder placed on top of the jar will do.

As the candle burns, the wax will run down the sides and over the jar.  This is normal and perfectly fine.  As the candle burns visualize what you would like to have achieved for this jar spell.  This is called fixing your intent upon the candle.  Once that is done then so are you.  Let the candle burn completely down.

After the wax has cooled, place your honey jar in a safe and secure place away from prying eyes.  This is your jar so never let anyone especially the object of your intent handle or even see this jar.

One of the best places to keep this jar is in the back of your underwear drawer.  If not possible then someplace else that is secure and where it won’t be disturbed. 

After doing this for the next seven days then you are done.  You only need to work the jar again by shaking it and burning an anointed candle on top of it about twice a month or as often as you feel is needed if his/her affection toward you is waning.

Washes and Waters Set

washes and waters

Welcome to the mystical world of Hoodoo and Witchcraft, where the power of washes and waters holds a special place in spiritual practices. In this article, we delve into the fascinating realm of Washes and Waters Set, featuring a diverse range of magical concoctions that have been used for generations to enhance rituals, cleanse spaces, and invite positive energies into our lives.

**Indigo Water:**

Originating from the spiritual traditions of African and Caribbean cultures, Indigo Water is known for its protective and cleansing properties. This vibrant blue water is believed to ward off negative energies, promote spiritual awareness, and enhance psychic abilities. In modern Hoodoo and Witchcraft practices, Indigo Water is used in rituals for purification, spiritual growth, and divination.

**War Water:**

With roots in folk magic and Hoodoo traditions, War Water is a potent concoction used for protection, hexing, and banishing spells. This dark, iron-infused water is believed to create a protective barrier around the practitioner, deflecting negative energies and curses. In modern practices, War Water is utilized in rituals to break hexes, repel enemies, and strengthen psychic defenses.

**Florida Water:**

A staple in Hoodoo and spiritual practices, Florida Water is a versatile cologne with origins tracing back to the 19th century. This fragrant blend of floral and citrus notes is used for purification, blessing, and spiritual cleansing. In modern Hoodoo and Witchcraft rituals, Florida Water is sprinkled on altars, added to baths, or used as a room spray to purify spaces, attract positive energies, and enhance spiritual connections.

**Moon Water:**

Moon Water is a magical elixir infused with the energies of the moon, making it a powerful tool for rituals and spellwork. By capturing the essence of the moon’s phases in water, practitioners can harness lunar energies for cleansing, intuition, and manifestation. In modern Hoodoo and Witchcraft practices, Moon Water is used to charge crystals, empower rituals, and enhance psychic abilities during moon rituals.

**Chinese Floor Wash:**

Chinese Floor Wash is a traditional cleansing solution used in Hoodoo practices to purify homes, remove negativity, and attract prosperity. This fragrant blend of herbs and essential oils is believed to dispel evil spirits, bring good luck, and create a harmonious environment. In modern rituals, Chinese Floor Wash is used to wash floors, walls, and doorways to cleanse spaces, remove obstacles, and invite positive energies into the home.

**Holy Hyssop Floor Wash:**

Holy Hyssop Floor Wash is a sacred blend infused with the purifying and protective properties of Hyssop, an herb with deep spiritual significance in various traditions. This cleansing solution is used in Hoodoo and Witchcraft practices to purify sacred spaces, remove negativity, and invite blessings. In modern rituals, Holy Hyssop Floor Wash is used to cleanse altars, ritual tools, and ritual spaces before spiritual work, enhancing the practitioner’s connection to higher energies.

As you embark on your magical journey with the Washes and Waters Set, remember to infuse your practice with intention, respect, and reverence for the energies that surround you. Embrace the ancient wisdom of these mystical concoctions and let their transformative powers guide you on your spiritual path.

May your rituals be blessed, your spaces be cleansed,and your intentions be realized as you explore the enchanting world of Hoodoo and Witchcraft with the Washes and Waters Set. Each of these magical elixirs carries a unique energy and purpose, ready to support you in your spiritual practice and spellwork.

Whether you seek protection, purification, prosperity, or spiritual growth, the Washes and Waters Set offers a diverse array of tools to meet your needs and enhance your magical endeavors. Embrace the ancient traditions and rituals associated with these mystical waters, and allow their transformative energies to flow through your practice.

Remember that the true power of these magical concoctions lies not only in the ingredients themselves but also in your intention, focus, and belief in the magic that you create. Approach your rituals with an open heart, a clear mind, and a deep connection to the energies of the universe, and watch as the mysteries of the Washes and Waters Set unfold before you.

As you incorporate these sacred waters into your Hoodoo and Witchcraft practices, may you find clarity, protection, abundance, and spiritual awakening on your journey. Let the magic of the Washes and Waters Set guide you towards your goals, empower your intentions, and bring blessings into your life.

Embrace the wisdom of the ancestors, the energies of the elements, and the magic of the universe as you work with these mystical waters. Trust in your intuition, honor the spirits that guide you, and let the transformative power of the Washes and Waters Set illuminate your path on the road to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

May your rituals be potent, your spells be successful, and your connection to the divine be strong as you explore the wonders of Hoodoo and Witchcraft with the enchanting Washes and Waters Set. Embrace the magic, honor the traditions, and let your spirit soar on the wings of ancient wisdom and mystical energies.