Magick Formulary

Magick formulary for use in rootwork and ceremonial magick as well as in low everyday magick.

Begone Banishing Powder

Grind the following ingredients together:

  •  Black pepper
  •  Cayenne Pepper
  •  Cinnamon
  •  Sea Salt
  •  Sulfur

Sprinkle the banishing powder on clothes, especially belonging to anyone you

would like to see gone (without wishing harm to them)

This powder can also be used as an accompaniment for spells, particularly

around or over candles.

Brick Dust Protection spell

To keep those who wish you harm or those with negative intent away, sprinkle red brick dust around the perimeter of your property.  You can also sprinkle it across your doorways and windows as a barrier.  All the while you sprinkle think of keeping unwanted visitors away.  Repeat as often as needed.

Red Brick Dust Doorstep Spell

This will protect the home from malevolent magick as well as all kinds of evil.

Add some red brick dust to a bucket of floorwash along with a small amount of your own urine (a drop or two) and scrub the front steps and threshold of the area.  Sprinkle powdered brick dust over the threshold daily before sunrise.

Graveyard Dirt Protection Spell

Clearly and precisely write your desire or petition onto a piece of paper, then burn it, reserving the ashes.  Place those ashes in a conjure bag, together with asafetida, bones, nail pairings, and graveyard dirt.  Wear it around your neck to ward off illness, malevolent spirits and spells

Earth Protection Spell

Take graveyard dirt and sprinkle it with Holy water, Moon water or Marie Laveau water.  Allow it to dry, and then place it in a bag and hang it near the entrance to you home to protect the house from evil.

Sulfur Protection Spell

Add a pinch of some or ideally all of the following ingredients to a red mojo conjure bag and carry it with you for protection.

  • Sulfur
  • Kohl powder
  • Henna and/or iron oxide powder
  • Graveyard dirt
  • Tobacco

 Foot Track Spell

Spell is designed to rid you of someone.  They will bother you no more.

After this person leaves your house, watch where they step.  This footprint of foot track they leave behind is what you need.  Find a clear and distinct track they leave behind.  Sprinkle this track with the hot foot powder to keep them away from you and your home.  Next, as the spell begins to wane, just do the same thing once more. Eventually, they’ll get the point and stay away.

Goofer Dust Spell

Sprinkle goofer dust over your target’s front steps or across their path, where they are guaranteed to walk over it.   This will sicken the person.

You can also toss a handful of goofer dust behind someone’s back as they walk away from you to achieve the same effect.