Curios and Curiosities Used in Hoodoo

A curio is a rare and unusual object. These curios and curiosities are objects that are hard to classify and are of peculiar interest in Hoodoo magick. We use these items in mojo bags, protection, luck, etc.

Black cat bone – Carry this charm for good luck, protection from dark magic, and invisibility.

Black salt – Use for protection from malevolent forces. Blocks negativity. Sprinkle around the property to keep away bad neighbors or use in scrubs for the front porch.

red brick dust
red brick dust

Brick Dust – This is a very powerful remedy. Red Brick Dust is representative of the powerful menstrual blood that was used in ancient times for sacred ceremonies. Its modern use in magic derives from the red ochre clay that was used in magic ceremonies. There are many uses for this powerful remedy. Scrub down the front porch with this dust for protection. Hoodoo folk magic as well as European witchcraft uses red brick dust.

  • spells of protection
  • mojo bags for a powerful protection/anti-jinxing charm
  • to repel magick cast against you
  • Use in floor washes as a scrub to attract money. When combined with cinnamon or as a protection scrub when used alone
  • Sprinkle around the outside of the house or just doors and windows to protect your home from those meaning you harm

Cascarilla powder – Sprinkle eggshell ritual powder (Cascara or Cascarilla) to increase fertility or fruitfulness in conjure. Add to spell work to increase protection.

chicken feet
Chicken feet

Chicken foot – Popular in Hoodoo and Voodoo culture. Hang this curio in home or car to bring about luck and protection.

coffin nails
coffin nails

Coffin nails – Used in Hoodoo in spells for protection. Utilized in foot track magick to “nail” down a trick or to hex. Carve candles using a coffin nail.

Goofer Dust – Goofer is derived from the Kikongo word “kufwa” meaning “to die”. Use goofer dust in malelevolent spell work. To sicken or curse a target use goofer dust in their shoes.

Graveyard dirt – Collect dirt from a cemetery is from the head, heart, or foot of the grave. Its uses include protection and anti-jinxing spells. Deflect bad energy back to sender by using in candle magick.

Horseshoes – These curios are for luck drawing. Hang horseshoes above the front door of a home with both ends pointing upward to draw and trap luck.

Hot Foot Powder – Drive someone away by making them extremely uncomfortable with this handy powder.

Sulfur – In Hoodoo, sulfur is also called brimstone. Sprinkle sulfur to protect and banish negative energy.


Lodestones – Lodestones are naturally formed magnets. Used in magick to attract and draw energy especially money. Feed iron filings to your lodestones in hoodoo practice. However, lodestones can also be fed rum or whiskey to keep them fresh. Carry in mojo bags to draw in luck. Place on money altars to attract fortune.

railroad spikes
railroad spikes

Railroad spikes – A common use for railroad spikes in Hoodoo is the nailing down and securing of property. Hammer a nail into the ground at each corner of the house/property to ensure proper protection and to stop evictions and keep law enforcement away. Drive spikes on your property to bring in the iron element of protection.