hoodoo witch

Elemental Invocation

 From the East the Air the Sylphs, the breeze
I call your knowledge to set my mind at ease.
From the South, the Fire, the Drakes the heat,
I desire you now for this task we meet.
From the West, the Water, the Undines, the flow
I call forth your love and bask in its glow.
From the North, the Earth, the Gnomes, the ground
I call you to stabilize my circle round.
Light without and light within
Guard me now, your kith and kin

10 Ways to Bring Luck and Fortune Into Your Home


There are many steps we as active practitioners of magick can do to bring luck and fortune into our homes.  Here are 10 simple ones you can implement today.

  1. Hang a horseshoe over your front door.  Hanging a horseshoe over the front door, inside or outside, brings luck.  Hang it with the two ends pointing upward to bless your house and everyone who lives there.  Alternatively, if you hang the horseshoe with the two end points facing downward then the blessing is bestowed upon everyone who passes under it.
  2. Wrap a bundle of nine cinnamon sticks with red string and hang by the front door.
  3. Paint your front door red.
  4. Place six stalks of lucky bamboo in a clay pot in the house.
  5. Have a water feature or small fountain in the home.
  6. Hang wind chimes along the eaves of the front door or porch.  The ringing of the chimes breaks up negative energy
  7. Sprinkle pumpkin spice in the corners of the rooms of the house or use as a floor sweep. Pumpkin spice contains cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves — all money and wealth drawing herbs.
  8. Place a money frog near the front door facing outward.
  9. Mop floors with a few drops of lemongrass essential oil in the mop water.
  10. Smudge with sweetgrass and lavender.