Terra Traders

Step into the mystical world of Terra Traders, a sanctuary that has been a beacon for the Pagan and Magickal community since the enchanting year of 2010. Here, amidst the whispers of the ancient and the hum of the magical, we offer an extraordinary collection of handcrafted and traditional ritual treasures, alongside bespoke spell services and profound consultations. If your soul seeks the arcane secrets of Hoodoo, the mysterious rites of Voodoo, the harmonious balance of Wicca, or any other esoteric delight, you have found your haven.

About Terra

Terra from Terra Traders

I am Tonya, though in the circles of the mystic and the moonlit, I’m known as Terra, a name that echoes my craft and spirit. Some may whisper the word ‘witch’ when they speak of me – and perhaps, in the eyes of the world, that is what I am. Yet, I wear no labels with ease. I’m simply me, a vessel for the ancient practice of natural magick that courses through my veins, an inheritance of wisdom that has been the heartbeat of my family for generations.

This sacred tradition, unbound by names, has been the essence of who we are. It is a legacy of the wise, passed from hand to hand, soul to soul, for at least four generations. As the custodian of this profound heritage, I am committed to nurturing this craft within my children. I will ensure that the flame of our ancestral wisdom burns bright into the future.

Our Practice

Our practice is a tapestry of diversity, woven from the vibrant threads of countless spiritual paths. Rooted in the fertile soil of Hoodoo Rootwork, my journey has danced through the realms of Voodoo, Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, the mystical Qabala, the potent rituals of Native American shamanism, the rich heritage of African traditional religions, the ancient wisdom of Druidism, and beyond. With over three decades of casting spells, divining futures, and invoking the sacred, I have honed my craft to a fine art, drawing from the boundless well of earth’s power and the spirited essence of all living things. For it is in the interconnected web of Spirit that true magick is wove, echoing your deepest desires across the cosmos.

Crafting and Hoodoo are the twin flames of my passion, a union of art and magick that breathes life into the creations of Terra Traders. Each product is a spell in itself, a piece of magick waiting to unfold in the hands of those who dare to dream, to seek, to connect. Welcome to Terra Traders, where your spiritual journey transcends the ordinary, and where every item is a key to unlock the extraordinary magick within you.