Types of Witches

Witches practice witchcraft.  This is common knowledge. Do all witches practice it the same way?  No.  There are many differences. While Hollywood may paint all witches with a singular brush, they are all quite different.  So, how many types of witches are there? It is nearly impossible to name every type of witch, but we can narrow the list.  Solitary witch is not included here as a type.  Any of the witches listed here can practice alone or in a coven.  Here are the top 13.

types of witches
  1. Green Witch – A green witch works with nature especially plants. These are the gardeners of the group. Mother Earth is the focus of their magickal practice. They use potions, tinctures and natural remedies in their spell craft. The natural world around them helps to supply their power as they are always spiritually grounded.
  2. Hedge Witch – This type of witch usually has a solitary practice. Hedge witches share certain aspects with the green and kitchen witch. The big difference is location. These witches live on the outskirts of town, “over the hedge”. They prefer to live out in the country. Think cottage witch. They gathered their plants, roots, and flowers from the forests and wooded areas. These witches practiced simple magic and lived simple lives as healers and gatherers. The modern day hedge witch is more of a shaman and uses astral travel in their practice.
  3. Kitchen Witch – Kitchen witches perform their craft in the kitchen. They incorporate magic into their cooking with various herbs and incantations. These witches focus on the home itself as the main focal point of their practice. A nice window garden or a small garden patch is preferable in this type of practice.
  4. Faerie Witch – This type of with works with the Fae and can easily communicate with animals. Faery magick draws on the Irish mythology of the Tuatha De Danaan. They were a supernatural race of beings.
  5. Ceremonial Witch – These witches practice Ceremonial or High Magick. This practice draws on ancient occult knowledge for use in ceremonies and rituals. Many of the rites and rituals used by ceremonial with come from Enochian magick.
  6. Cosmic Witch – Witches of this type incorporate astrology into their practice. They draw on celestial energy to perform their magick. Cosmic withes will consult the stars and the movements of celestial bodies in planning their rites and rituals.
  7. Eclectic Witch – This type of witch does not fit in any one category. They have the ability to draw from various traditions to make their craft as unique as they wish. This is the hallmark of practical magick. Use what you have on hand from whatever source you choose. Their practice can and will evolve over time.
  8. Lunar Witch – A Lunar witch uses the power of the moon to empower spell work. They use the moon phases to plan their rituals. This is a part of their everyday living. They draw down the power of the moon making these witches very intuitive.
  9. Dianic Witch – The witches of this tradition worship the divine feminine and the goddess. According to Z Budapest, this practice “is a holistic religious system based on a Goddess-centered cosmology and the primacy of She Who is All and Whole unto Herself.” Dianic witches usually practice in all female covens.
  10. Gardnerian Witch – The witches of this type follow Gardnerian Wicca as founded by Gerald Gardner. It is hierarchical. The system consists of a high priest and priestess and requires formal initiation
  11. Hereditary Witch – A Hereditary witch is someone who was born into a family that practices witchcraft. Their knowledge is passed down from family member to family member.
  12. Secular Witch – This type of with practices a very practical type of magic. It is a practice that does not worship a deity.
  13. Elemental Witch – The witches of this group draw on the elements to empower their life. They use them in their spell work and rituals. Earth, air, fire and water and the elementals that accompany them are central to this type of craft.