Magickal Needs

Welcome to Terra Traders.  We at Terra Traders understand how hard it can sometimes be to find occult supplies from various spiritual/craft traditions all in one place. We hope to make Terra Traders your one stop shop for all of your Magickal needs.

Not only is this the shop for your basic and not so basic spiritual and esoteric supplies, we also offer our services such as tarot card, psychic,  and astrology readings.  We also perform custom spell castings, rootwork, spiritual remediation, the setting of lights and house blessings/cleansing.

Special pride and care is taken into the crafting of our  mojo/gris-gris/medicine bags, also known as lucky hands, as well as our oils, and candles.

Here you will also find the odd curios such as brick dust, graveyard dirt, coffin nails, railroad spikes, chicken feet and other ritual supplies for your entire Wiccan, Pagan, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Occult, Esoteric and Magickal needs.

What is Magick?

magickMagick as defined by Aleister Crowley is “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. This definition distinguishes the Craft from the regular stage performance of illusionary magic.  Although the two are sometimes performed in conjunction.

Magick has the ability to effect change in our ordinary lives when combined with ritual.  This site is designed to help with that.

Ritual tools are used to help focus energy during conjure, rootwork and spell casting.  Tools of the craft that are commonly implemented into ritual are cauldrons, athames, wands, staff, chalices, brooms (besoms), etc.  Consumables are also frequently used by magickal practitioners.  Some of these may include the use of incense, herbs, candles, poppets and oils.  The use of blessed waters and powders are also frequently used in conjure and have to be replenished.

Divination items also come in handy when working magick.  Tarot cards are by far the most popular, but crystals, pendulums, and spirit (Ouija) boards are also useful when divining the future or seeking clarity on an issue.

All of these items can be used to help you bring about change in accordance with your will.

What is Hoodoo?

There are many misconceptions about Hoodoo and it’s practices.  First of all Hoodoo is not Voodoo.  This is a common mistake.  While Hoodoo does indeed incorporate some elements of Voodoo into its practices, Hoodoo is a folk magic and can be practiced by anyone of any religion.  Voodoo on the other hand is it’s own religion and it has it’s roots in West and Central Africa which traveled west with the slaves via the transatlantic slave trade aboard the ships.  It rooted itself in the new world in Haiti where it continues to flourish to this day.  Hoodoo is an amalgamation of several different magickal folk systems born right here in the southern United States.  Slaves from the African continent when brought here to America were deprived of their religion and structure.  They had to make do with what they had in this new land.  The slaves took the African spiritual framework which was the basis for their religion and incorporated various elements from Native American shamanism, Catholicism, Appalachian Pow Wow magick, European witchcraft, Jewish Qabalah and Gypsy magick and created the magickal system we have today known as Hoodoo.   Many customs practiced in witchcraft have become uniquely Hoodoo customs such as the crafting of mojo or gris-gris bags.  The making up of honey jars or sugar jars is also a popular Hoodoo practice that has permeated other magickal systems.   Hoodoo continues to be practiced all over the United States by people from various religions.

Setting Lights

Setting lights is the traditional practice of candle magick which involves the burning of a charged vigil candle or oil lamp and writing your wish, intent or petition on a slip of paper and placing it under this candle or lamp to achieve your magickal goal.

Here at Terra Traders we always have candles and lamps burning on our altars with petitions under them. This is a free service I offer to all of my clients as well as for those just needing help.  If you are in need and would like for me to set a light for you just send me your name as well as your need and I will personally take care of it. Please be brief.  Your petition will remain under the candle for 7-9 days depending. It’s that simple.